CNC Cutting (laser)



LCG featuresinclude

  • AMADA/Fanuc 3500i-C resonatorspecificallydesignedforthe LCG laser, achievingthesamecutquality as a higher-powered CO2 machine
  • Includesanenclosurethatsurroundstheentirecutting area ofthemachinewithaccessfor part removal
  • Utilizes a helicalrack and pinion drive systemforboththe X and Y axis - allowingforhigheracceleration and faster rapid traverse speedscompared to traditionalrack and pinioinsystems
  • Sectionalizeddustcollectionsystemthatopensonlyductsdirectlybeneaththecuttingheadforfumeextraction, improvingdustcollection
  • AMNC/PC controlwithtouch-screen and intuitivegraphics display thateasilyswivelsforoperatorviewing
  • High-speed cuttingheadwithincreasedsensing speed, lensburndetection, auto-focuscontrol and auto nozzlecleaning and headcalibration
Specification LCG 3015
Travel Method Materialremainsstationary. X, Y and Z-axis movement
Drive Method X and Y-axis helicalrack and pinion. Z-axis ballscrew
Axis TravelCuttingHead 121 "x 61" x 3,93 "
Maximum Thickness 3/4" mildsteel, 3/8" stainlesssteel, 5/16" aluminum
Maximum WorkWeight 2000 lbs..
Rapid Traverse X, Y = 4,724"/min. simultaneous = 6,693"/min. Z = 4,724"/min.
Repeatability ± 0,0002 "
Z-Axis High-speed capacitivesensing
CNC AMNC-PC-OS: Windows Embedded
AssistGasControl Automaticselect
Resonator AF3500i-C



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