Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting up to 80 mm thickness
using PierceRUM 3000 machine.

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Laser cutting

Laser cutting on Amada LSG 3015 machines
up to the thickness of 15mm.

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Professional bending of parts
up to the length of 3500 mm

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about us

KRAVLA, s.r.o. is an Dauther company of SVARMARO s.r.o., which work on field engineering production. We are directed for small and middle machining, locksmith and welding works, production of steel constructions, smaller welding parts and all another locksmith works. Precise CNC machining we arrange with new machines.

Our main target is delivered quality products in high usefulness value with big accent of quality control. We try to offer best service for our clients, flexible reacted on their needs and all this reach by know-how , potential and engagement of our workers.

We build both side profit relations with individual approach for strategic foreign partners and also for domestic clients.

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Modern technology

We have the latest CNC laser, plasma and folding machine. We have our own design (SolidWorks and Autocad)

Emphasis on quality

100% quality and control of products sold. We make sure that we meet all customer requirements. Our team is waiting for qualified professionals who can help the customer


We try to produce products in the fastest time and thus meet the customer's deadlines. We confirm orders in writing within 48 hours. The average loading time is between 30 min. up to 1 hour

Acceptable price

Full quality product at an affordable price. We are able to arrange transport to the designated place with our own car or with the car of our contractual partner.

Where to find us?

Kravla s.r.o.
Lesní 1046,
749 01 Vítkov

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